Sunday, October 08, 2017

Uzbekistan: Dining Out: Broadway Lounge Bar

“Do you have an English menu?” I asked.

The waitress stared blankly back at me.

When Eitan posed the same question in Russian, however, the light bulb clicked on.  Our waitress retreated to the bar and returned with an English menu.

All the usual suspects were on offer, from soups to salads to pasta, but the burger page caught my eye, in large part due of the unnatural bun colors.

a rainbow of buns

I opted for the Broadway burger, which came with a regular bun, and Eitan went for a Greek salad and lentil soup.

When I tried to order, a small problem revealed itself.  While the waitress had provided us with an English menu, she couldn’t speak the language herself.  Furthermore, not every menu item had a corresponding photo, so it wasn’t possible to order by pointing.  Eitan had to order everything in Russian, and had he not been there, I would have been left struggling.  It would seem the English menu was only marginally useful.

As Eitan and I waited for our food and sipped our beer, excitement bubbled up at a table across the room.  About a dozen religious women, their heads modestly covered with scarves, were celebrating a birthday.  After one of the women received a cake, they positioned themselves for a group photo, the waitress manning the camera.

Throughout the course of their party, Eitan and I watched numerous elaborate drinks glide by on the waitress’s tray.  Alas, they were all mocktails since the establishment didn’t sell any alcohol beyond beer.

When our food was nearly ready, the waitress returned with some supplies.  She gave Eitan a spoon and then presented me with a sharper knife and two black latex gloves.  These gloves were meant to protect my hands from any burger leakage, but I wasn’t interested.

As a colleague put it, “What’s next?  Gloves for ribs?”

He’s right; it’s a slippery slope indeed.

A man who was sitting on the patio just outside our window made use of the gloves, and no doubt, he looked peculiar.  It was almost as if he had been murdering someone when he got a hankering for a good burger.

Our food arrived soon after glove-man’s did, and despite a lack of protective gear, we enjoyed our lunch.


The bottom line on Broadway Lounge Bar:


    Average ü


    Average ü

Overall Experience:

    Enjoyable ü

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