Thursday, November 20, 2003

Pakistan: Islamabad: Arizona Grill

The Arizona Grill is a steakhouse/TexMex restaurant in Islamabad. As far as the dining scene goes, it is probably in the top ten - not that the culinary bar is set very high. For a few months in the summer, it was floating on and off of the health unit's list of restaurants of concern. But, if you can look past a little abdominal discomfort and nausea, the Arizona Grill can grill a mean steak. They can also serve up some humor without even trying.

Last night, I was out for dinner at the Arizona Grill with my good friend Sumera. We were at the table comparing notes to see who had had the most horrific day (I was winning), when the waiter came out. He presented us with the menus, and then he gave us each a laminated sheet of paper highlighting the new dishes for the month.

Right at the top of the list was new entree #1: CHICKEN CRAP

Me and Sumera read that out loud at the same time and started laughing for like ten minutes.

The rest of the dishes were nothing special, until near the bottom of the menu...


It was a riot. Both items were supposed to say crepe, but this was much better.

Naturally, I wanted a copy of the menu insert for future entertainment. I was going to offer the waiter a few hundred rupees for a copy (it was just the laminated insert afterall), but Sumera, who spoke much better Urdu than I did, thought she could get it without paying any rupees. I was fine with that, so I sat back and watched her in action.

Her performance got two thumbs down, I'm afraid. Instead of putting the question to a lowly waiter, she asked the roving manager who was supervising the dining room. Then, she didn't even use Urdu.

The manager was like, "No. That is against our policy. I can write down the name of the dish you need." That was no good, though, so we told him not to bother. Then the waiter took our orders, and the manager took our menus. Doh!

I'm sure that the manager knew something was up since he had been standing around while we had been cracking up.

While it may have been a little mean to laugh at their innocent mistake, the whole situation made for a great ending to the day.

Not to mention, it was the best chicken crap I've ever eaten.

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